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Trade Like the Pros:
How To Build the Proper Trading Career


Embark on an immersive journey with Jonny Guarco and DJ Dan Janson, where education meets real-world application in a one-of-a-kind mentorship experience.


Dive into comprehensive evening sessions led by Dan and delve deep into strategies, concepts, and ideas. Then, seamlessly transition to live market hours with Jonny, turning theory into practice as you implement what you've learned.

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Elevate your understanding and mastery of trading through this hands-on mentorship, where knowledge and application converge for a transformative learning experience.

Classroom Learning with DJ Dan

Learn Dan’s Technical Analysis secrets for Day & Swing Trades to Determine Trader Sentiment

What You Will Learn


Learn Trend Analysis


Learn How To Read Volume (including Point of Control & VWAP)


Learn Price Action


Learn Candlesticks and Chart Patterns


Learn Profitable Strategies & Trade Setups


 Learn Trade Management & Portfolio Management

Live Trading with Jonny

Learn how Jonny profitably Day Trades

What You Will Learn


Walk Through Trade Ideas & Set-ups for both Day & Swing Trades


Take What You Learned from DJ Dan & Apply It & Get Live Coaching


Get Trade Ideas From Other  RLT Traders


Network with your RLT Community Peers and exchange experiences

Classroom Time with DJ Dan Janson

Tuesday & Thursday
at 8pm EST

8 sessions  60 - 90 min

Theory to Application with Jonny Guarco

Monday - Friday
12pm - 3pm EST

4 Weeks

April 1 - 26, 2024


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