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Algorithmic Trading

Build an automated trading system

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How powerful would it be to trade without emotions?

Have you ever placed a trade and exited way to early because you were scared? How many times have you been afraid to take a trade, only to see it absolutely crush?

Do you ever see 3 or 4 trades after the fact that you are certain you could have profited from, but missed because you didn't see the set up in time? Are you confident in your trading abilities, but your work schedule or life schedule gets in the way of your trading?

Do you find yourself profitable each month and would love to scale the gains exponentially?

Let us help you build a trading robot! In the below program, we can assist you in creating your very own automated trading system. The best part? You do not need to know programming.

We will show you some exceptional software tools that you can implement right now to build super powerful scanners, link it with a broker and complete a fully functional trading robot.

Learn About

  • How to back test multiple strategies

  • How to build powerful pre market scanners

  • Optimize any trading strategy

  • Create your very own algorithm that trades the markets for you

  • Determine and build a customized trading robot that finds profitable trades

  • Revolutionize your entries, exits and timing with the power of math and automation!

Join Jerremy Alexander Newsome and David Potvin in a program that is so exceptionally powerful, it can only be found right here.


  • 9 hours of online classes

  • 7 modules

  • Downloadable PDF workbook

  • Certificate of completion

  • Module 1
    Download PDF Workbook What is a Stock and Why should you own them? What is a Dividend? What happens to big, powerful companies over long periods of time? What is "the market" and how could you invest in it? (Knowledge on the SPY) What is Trading? Why should we trade? When is a good time to enter? 3 Basic Evaluation Steps The Basics of Charting and Drawing Lines Walking through numerous Real Life Examples Candlestick Introduction What does it mean to be Trapped? Analysis of more Real Life Examples Quiz: MODULE 1
  • Module 2
    Trading: Old Way vs New Way Analysis of several Real Life Examples How do you calculate Risk (R)? Fear of Losing Money Trading the R's: Real Life Examples Part 1 Trading the R's: Real Life Examples Part 2 When do you Sell!? Part 1 When do you Sell!? Part 2 Quiz: MODULE 2
  • Module 3
    How do we make money as a stock goes down? Defining Bullish vs. Bearish Broker Order Types: Part 1 Broker Order Types: Part 2 Broker Order Types: Part 3 Shorting a Stock The Inverted Hammer Stop Loss Orders What is Margin? Quiz: MODULE 3
  • Module 4
    Which Broker to Use? Part 1 Which Broker to Use? Part 2 Reviewing Some Trade Set-Ups How to Build a Trading Plan? Quiz: MODULE 4
  • Module 5
    Reviewing of Module 1 + Bonuses! Reviewing of Module 2 Questions, Wrap-up and Finale! FINAL EXAM
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