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Intro to Options Trading

Did you know that you can buy stock insurance? Yep. It’s true. We can buy home insurance, car insurance, life insurance, but less than 5% of the WORLD knows about stock insurance!!

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  Aug 17, 6:30pm EDT


Learn About

  • Introduction to call & put stock options

  • Extra variables vs stocks: strike price, option price, dte/expiration, implied volatility.

  • In the money / at the money / out of the money

  • Option pricing = IV+Intrinsic+Time

  • Volatility + Time decay

  • Buying directional options


  • Downloadable PDF Workbook

  • 2 hours of online classes

  • 1 Module

  • Certificate of Completion


Your "Intro to Options" trading class is LIFE CHANGING! OMG, thank you! I was dying to learn how to predict where the option price can go, where to put my limits. I was asking myself, HOW the hell I can do this?? Now I know!! I'm about to trade options so much more effectively!

Lia H, New York City, NY

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