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Backtrading Marathon

Dramatically improve your trading

Traders in the LIVE class had this to say:
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Screen Shot 2020-04-25 at 4.41.35 PM.png
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Learn About

  • When drawing supports and resistance lines, do you include the wick or the body?

  • Where do you put stops, targets and trailing stops?

  • How do you recognize a pivot area?

  • What time frame should you be looking at on your charts?

  • How do you know what the trend is on each timeframe?

  • How do you recognize the difference between a trend ending and a normal pullback?

  • How do you build a "holding muscle"?


  • 6 hours of online classes

  • 7 modules

  • Downloadable PDF workbook

  • Certificate of completion

Backtrading Marathon paying off already. Bought into the retest after the high wave candle on SQ which is something I don't usually do 😂. Snagged 1.33 R on her 💪🏽 

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 8.55.59 PM.png


More traders in the LIVE class:
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  • Module 1
    Download PDF Workbook What is a Stock and Why should you own them? What is a Dividend? What happens to big, powerful companies over long periods of time? What is "the market" and how could you invest in it? (Knowledge on the SPY) What is Trading? Why should we trade? When is a good time to enter? 3 Basic Evaluation Steps The Basics of Charting and Drawing Lines Walking through numerous Real Life Examples Candlestick Introduction What does it mean to be Trapped? Analysis of more Real Life Examples Quiz: MODULE 1
  • Module 2
    Trading: Old Way vs New Way Analysis of several Real Life Examples How do you calculate Risk (R)? Fear of Losing Money Trading the R's: Real Life Examples Part 1 Trading the R's: Real Life Examples Part 2 When do you Sell!? Part 1 When do you Sell!? Part 2 Quiz: MODULE 2
  • Module 3
    How do we make money as a stock goes down? Defining Bullish vs. Bearish Broker Order Types: Part 1 Broker Order Types: Part 2 Broker Order Types: Part 3 Shorting a Stock The Inverted Hammer Stop Loss Orders What is Margin? Quiz: MODULE 3
  • Module 4
    Which Broker to Use? Part 1 Which Broker to Use? Part 2 Reviewing Some Trade Set-Ups How to Build a Trading Plan? Quiz: MODULE 4
  • Module 5
    Reviewing of Module 1 + Bonuses! Reviewing of Module 2 Questions, Wrap-up and Finale! FINAL EXAM
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