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Why I back trade EVERYDAY! (and you will want to!!)

We talk to hundreds of traders every week --- at times even struggling traders. I always ask the question, "how much do you backtrade?". The very answer to this question is a leading indicator of whether these traders are consistently profitable. Maybe you are a 30-year plus veteran to trading and don't need to backtrade, but for the rest of us...WE NEED PRACTICE.

Backtrading is the equivalent of "batting cages" in baseball, "sparring" in karate, "scrimmages" in other sports -- it's the real life equivalent of doing "practice drills". Imagine a SAFE ENVIRONMENT in which the markets are closed, you are placing trades, but you are NOT risking real money, you have that SAFE ENVIRONMENT in which to learn. Here at Real Life Trading, we can match you up with an accountability buddy to back trade with and you simply record your screen as you back trade 5 tickers a day. You upload your video to your buddy and they share their video with you. You don't have to even be online at the same time!

We also have a premium online course where Jerremy Alexander Newsome backtrades non-stop for 7 hours, then runs 27 miles (a real marathon) and the money we raised during the event, we donated 50% of the money (almost $9,000) to a local charity that provides meals to the homeless, The Cookery.

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