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The Business of Enriching Lives + Financial Freedom

The RLT mission is simple: TO ENRICH LIVES. Having been part of the RLT community since 2016, I never quite understood the power of that mission til I went to an event a few years ago with Jerremy in Chicago. Jerremy hosted and paid for about a dozen traders dinner at the trading conference at the hotel we were staying at. People were coming up and hugging, crying, and thanking Jerremy for his role in helping them transition from an “I hate my boss” job to a full time trader with the freedom to spend their time as they wished.

So much raw emotion and joy! Were we still just talking about stock trading? You see folks, the mission is so much bigger than Jerremy and I or any of the RLT team members who pour hundreds of hours behind the scenes every week to make RLT operate the way it does today. Our mission is so much bigger than any one person!

As some of you may know, a few weeks ago we announced a partnership with a group that is publishing our trading education classes to 250,000 federal inmates in the US prison system. (about 10%). This costs us a LOT of time and effort to convert our current training materials into a closed-loop learning management system, because inmates don't have access to youtube or the internet where the training material is stored. Prison guards push media carts down the cell blocks handing out Samsung tablets to the inmates, they login and the learning begins. Most inmates find it difficult to gain employment because most employers don't want to hire a felon. If they don't find employment or learn money making skills, they turn back to a life of crime and the cycle repeats. We expect little to no revenue in return, so our mission of ENRICHING LIVES isn't just something nice to say, it runs deep.

A special thanks to Brad, Arabia, Jason, Denis, Chris, Jonny, David, Robyn, Dean, Ricky & Jerremy and others that help us fulfill our mission of ENRICHING LIVES! If you've been impacted by our mission, please reach out to use and share a few lines.

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