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New + Struggling Traders - READ THIS

We hosted a special class this week for New + Struggling Traders and the feedback we received was phenomenal. For most people, when you first start trading, you feel like you were dropped into a foreign land, everything seems strange and unusual, with it's own language, while you are wondering what is going on, everyone else appears to know what's happening as you observe your surrounding, you can easily be OVERWHELMED. Your hosts Matt DeLong & Brad Reed answered your questions in this VERY SPECIAL one-of-a-kind training class with several hundred traders from all over the world.

You like homework? Nope, me either, but guess what? You got some!!!

Over 1/2 the traders in class committed to the #30DayChallenge where we will hyper-focus on getting the homework done for the next 30 days, after all most people fail to follow through on their commitments. Live seminars & conferences can bring electric energy but once you get home and settle back into your comfortable routine, unless changes are made you will keep getting the same results.

If you can commit & follow through on the challenge for 30 days, you can TRANSFORM your trading from being on the struggle bus to being consistently profitable.

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