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Market Madness

Welcome to RLT Newsletter's Market Madness, a March Madness themed stock-picking bonanza! Test your stock-picking skills in our bracket challenge, where each day's top-performing stock could lead you to victory and prizes! Entry into this tournament is 100% free, but the bragging rights that come with defeating Jerremy Newsome, me and the whole RLT squad are priceless. If you are the grand prize winner, you can tell Jerremy how badly you beat him in your 1-on-1 coaching session! See the complete rules below and enter today to see if you have what it takes to emerge as a champion!

At market close of each day, the better performing stock will advance to the next round.

  • If two stocks happen to close with the exact same percentage gain, the past two days performance will be used.

  • If both stocks close down on the day, whichever is down less advances to the next round.



  • Only one entry per person is allowed.

  • Copy the Official Market Madness bracket (File -> Make a copy)

  • Fill out the bracket by selecting your winners with the drop down arrows

  • Save it as a PDF (File -> Download -> PDF -> Export)

  • Email your PDF to before 9:30 AM ET on April 1st  with the subject line “Market Madness Bracket”


  • For each correct stock pick, a participant is awarded 1 point. Correctly picking the final champion awards a participant 5 points.

  • Reference the Official Market Madness bracket and add up the total points on your bracket after market close on April 8th.


  • If your score is over 20, send an email by 4:00 PM ET on April 10th to with your final score in the subject line followed by Market Madness, e.g., “55 Market Madness.” Failure to include your score in the subject line will disqualify the entry.

  • Winners will be notified via email before April 17th.



1st Place: 60-minute coaching session with Jerremy Newsome

2nd Place: 1-year subscription to the RLT Newsletter

3rd Place: 1-month subscription to the All Access Pass

Market Madness is fun for a week, but you don't want to be experiencing market madness on a regular basis. Sign up for the RLT Newsletter for regular market updates, 3 actively managed live trading portfolios, weekly stock picks and more! Keep the madness at bay and join us today.

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