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How do I learn about a specific market if I want to begin (swing) trading in Forex or shares?

Forex and equities (stocks) are different and different stock markets (US vs European, etc) have different variations as well.

Search LinkedIn for “forex” or “stock trading” in your city for potential mentors. Grab coffee/lunch with a few and if all goes well, ask for a formal mentoring relationship where you pay for their time each time they meet with you…once a month or once a week as you can afford.

You can also search YouTube for millions of free videos and commit to spending 10hrs a week to start your education. You need a basic foundation of technical analysis before jumping intro trading. Once you have 100+hrs of YouTube training, open a “paper trading” account with a broker where you can trade in real-time, but using a demo account (real-time pricing but w/o risking any capital).

I did this with DasTrader Pro (for stocks) but you can find something equivalent. You will always find something you like/dislike about every market, so find someone that can help guide you. There is no perfect market.

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