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Day Trading Account up 40% in August despite SPY decline

Trading Review August 2015

SPY down 6%, Day Trading Account up 40%

In August 2015, the market experienced record volatility accompanied by an extraordinarily rapid decline. On August 24, we watched the market bounce 6 months of growth in just 4 hours. Through all the craziness, Real Life Traders stayed calm, collected and traded our plan... well... at least we traded our plan. The day trading account grew 20.1 R for 40% growth, the swing trading account grew 14 R for 28% growth, and the credit spreads got hammered as they are prone to do from time to time.  Since February 2015, credit spreads are up 456% of amount risked (if you risked $500 per spread, you would be up about $2500), swing trades are up 47% since July (a $10,000 account would be up to $14,700) and day trades are up 156.84% since February 1, 2015 (a $10,000 account would be up to nearly $25,000)!!!  All of the aforementioned numbers do not include trade commissions or account fees but also do not include compounding which could cause the results to be even better.  Thank you to all who have participated and contributed to the team's success!!!

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