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Hi There!
I'm Tony Pawlak. 

I went from leaving a successful family business to going into debt, losing all my money to now living the life of my dreams.
Now, I coach others to live the life of their dreams & gain their financial freedom.

I lost everything 5 times trying to trade the stock market, when I first started. I never gave up, and now trading has unlocked a life better than I ever imagined. It's my passion to help others learn from the mistakes that I made, and show them how to bring in consistent money trading the markets.

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Let's Work Together

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Credit Spreads Master Class

In this class, I show you how to use options to create consistent income from credit spreads. 
This is the strategy I use to create consistent cash flow and create my life of wealth and abundance.

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S-Curve Master Class

In this class, I show you how to use S-Curve for to determine direction, plan for entries and enter your trades with better entries. 
This one technique has yielded me massive returns.

Tony Pawlak Premier Coaching

My mission with the premier coaching is to help people that want to quit their jobs create a steady stream of income from the stock market. 

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We have free courses at Real Life Trading to get you started on your journey to financial freedom. 

For questions, please contact me at