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Become a Tesla Trading Titan

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Are you ready to become a Tesla Trading Titan and master how Tesla trades?


Spend 3 weeks in a mentorship with Tesla Trading Titan Leader, Jerremy  Alexander Newsome,  where you will day trade, swing trade, and trade options in Tesla.

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Week 1: We will review charts, back trade and look for trade setups and learn tips and tricks on how to trade Tesla.

Week 2: Everyone will trade on their own. Studying & posting charts,  and watching videos.

Week 3: We will review everyone's trades from Week 2 and look for trade setups.

Starts Nov 27, 2023

11/27 - 12/01

12/11 - 12/15

8:30am - 10am EST

Study Week
12/04 - 12/08

Study and trade on your own


Join Craig Levine and other Tesla fanatics for frequent active trading!



Here's what past students have to say

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