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From Zero to Hero: Master Your Finances and Secure Your Retirement

Are you ready to transform your financial life and build generational wealth? Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to a secure financial future.
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🌟 Unlock Financial Freedom: 🌟
✅ Understanding the "Why" of Personal Finance

✅ Master the art of budgeting and financial planning.

✅ Eliminate the "D"  word (debt) and supercharge your savings.

✅ Increase your income

Build a rock-solid retirement plan, even without a 401(k).

✅ Alternative investments

✅ Planning and tracking

✅ Impact & Generational wealth

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Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Join Jerremy Alexander Newsome & Thomas Wong as they give you the tools to get your financial house in order.

Personal Finance
Build Generational Wealth

Date: December 14 - 21
Time: 11:30AM EST


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Thomas Wong

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