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Yes You Will!

So let me ask you. Are you like me and have told yourself in the past, 'I can't do that….. or I'm not good at that….? Just a couple of weeks ago, my wife had to step in and correct me when I said, 'I hate writing' and, 'I'm terrible at it.' I am so thankful I have a wife who believes in me. She lovingly, but mindfully told me, 'Jonny. You can do anything you want when you set your mind to it!'

Have your negative thoughts ever diluted the confidence you needed to be successful at something you wanted to accomplish? Well, like with me, it should be a no brainer by now that first and foremost, you must have the confidence that you are going to succeed before you even think about taking another step forward. Wouldn't you agree that a key ingredient to doing anything is knowing you are going to get what you want out of your endeavor? Why in the world would we do something if we didn't think we were going to crush it, right? Now I know what my Mom meant when I was discouraged about something as a kid and she kept telling me, 'You can do it, Jonny.'

Please stay with me for second and let's agree to agree that opportunity + preparedness + self-confidence = success. All three things are critical factors in the achievement of what you strive for. For now, let's just focus our conversation on self-confidence, and more specifically the 'how' to be self-confident. Get the three critical 'hows' to have self-confidence down, and watch the world become yours.

1. Dream

Having a dream is one of the strongest powers humans have been gifted with. If you have a dream, and I mean have a BIG dream, any obstacle that comes between you and success will seem inconsequential. Things might try to get in your way, but if your dream is embedded in your sub-consciousness through repetitive thoughts and visualization, you WILL find a way to make them happen. That's where the saying, 'Dreams do come true' comes from! You can control you and what you achieve by living with a 'can do' attitude and by saying, 'I AM going to make this happen' over and over again until your subconscious takes over and sees it through fruition!'

But here's where you will make it or break it. You absolutely MUST put in the effort, stick to your guns, be brave, and have the courage and strength to meet life head on in order for nothing to get in your way. Having a big dream will get you past your bad days and bad moods. It will help you ignore the naysayers and get you past your fears. It will drive you out of your comfort zone and make you say 'I don't care what or who tries to get in my way, I'm going to do/get/have this.' Having a big dream will give you the confidence to overcome and succeed in a world that bombards us with constant negativisms. What you think and believe in this world is your reality.


The next thing you MUST do is LOVE yourself. Self-love will motivate you to take care of yourself, your needs and will be a catalyst for you to achieve greatness. Have you ever been kind or have done something very special for someone and felt enormous gratification? How about exercising, eating healthy, getting enough sleep and taking care of yourself? How about practicing something so thoroughly you get 'calluses on your brain' and KNOW you've got it down? All of these make you feel great about yourself and drive your confidence sky high!

You are a special being and have unbelievable abilities. You have been set up for success and gifted with a mind that can produce positive affirmations and encouragement which will push you forward when you think you can't go another inch. It will enable you to not care what others think and will give you confidence to know you can do anything you set your mind to. Brother/Sister, I'm here to tell you, if you don't love yourself, you will be a magnet for failure. Self-criticism and cynics will erode your confidence and will bring you down like a bad flu! You will start questioning who you are and will end up confirming everything you can think of except directing yourself down the path of success. Stay positive. Love others. Love life. Love YOURSELF.

3. Prepare

Even though preparedness is part of our success formula, being prepared is also a critical element of being confident. Have you ever felt confident about something without being prepared for it? It's plain and simple. It's going to take a lot of your precious time and a lot of hard work to get confident. Your preparation has to be a PRIORITY of yours. Don't think it's going to be as easy as sticking your tongue out in a snowstorm and catching a snowflake! Without doing the work and being prepared, you can't have the confidence to push through the traps, negatives and past the naysayers who exist to get between you and success. If others see just a hairline crack in your armor, they will shoot every negative arrow in their arsenal at you and to try to 'convince' you why you won't be successful. Preparedness WILL overcome this.

Being prepared gives you that impenetrable thick skin that will give you the confidence to ward off whatever comes your way. Near and dear to my heart is playing sports and being a U.S. Marine. Do I really need to tell you that you can't expect to win in sports or go in harm's way without KNOWING you will be the victor! Train like you will fight. Prepare like your life is on the line. If there is just a miniscule question in your mind about coming out on top, the end result will not be what you want. Promise! Mix in perseverance and determination with your preparedness and you will be one of the strongest weapons on earth. Surround yourself with positive, likeminded warriors and there will absolutely be no stopping you!

I leave you this last thought to ponder... To be CONFIDENT, you must DREAM, LOVE and PREPARE. What you think and do will give you the confidence to become successful. YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK AND DO!

Success = opportunity + preparedness + self-confidence

Our Real Life Trading community is an example of this formula:

Success = stock market + RLT + YOU!

You are what you think and do. You're not what you don't …………………..Jonny

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