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Why do you want to become an entrepreneur?

I’m not a want-to-be, I AM an entrepreneur. Not clear on what you are really asking here…

As an entrepreneur, you have to have thick skin, a strong stomach and be comfortable with the idea of “being uncomfortable”. You have to learn to adapt to changing environments…most importantly have GRIT.

The Good

Over the years, I have met, hired and worked along side some of the smartest people I know; graduated high school with an 8th grade reading comprehension; created my own destiny even though I dropped out of college; read 10yrs worth of Entrepreneur Magazine from cover to cover; read 2–3 books a month for the past 20 years; sold 4 of my 14 businesses for a decent profit; had the privilege to travel to some of the most spectacular places on earth; invested both time & capital into several other companies, and have worked with some of the smartest business people I know.

The Bad

Over the years, I have been sued by clients; had dishonest business partners; had hackers break in and steal credit card numbers; not had enough money to make payroll; had clients physically threaten me; had staff steal from my company; had to go without a paycheck for an extended period of time; had staff quit and start recruiting remaining staff away; had large amounts of debt that I had to “personally guarantee”; started 14 companies and had to shut down 10 (sold 4); hired and fired more people than I can remember; lost big $$ in 2011 and had staff suggest we borrow money to pay their bonuses; and physically passed out / blacked out twice from all the stress. See where the strong stomach comes in?


I would do it all over again too, what an experience!! I joke to friends that I have an “MBA in stress management” from all of it, but at the end of the day, you can only play the hand you're dealt and not whine about your hand. If I knew what all I would have to endure, I would have probably steered clear of it all!!

As Kenny Rogers says, You gotta know when to hold them — know when to fold them :)

Hope that helps.

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