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Where should I invest my money to get the highest return?

The answer to this question is — How much risk are you willing to take? How much capital are you using? What timeframe?

By taking a risk, you should be at least 65%+ confident that things will go in your favor. This needs to be a statistical probability, not a gut feeling. This moves you from a “blind risk” to a “calculated risk”. In this scenario, you are playing statistics — not gambling — when the odds are slanted in your favor.

What are examples of risks that are NOT slanted in your favor? Las Vegas or the lottery. People know this — yet willingly give up their hard earned money.

  • Stocks / bonds / ETF’s (would avoid mutual funds)

  • Real estate

  • Gold / precious metals

The answer also depends on how much capital you are investing. Obviously $10,000 won’t buy a commercial real estate building in NYC, but $100m will.

Higher risks = higher returns.

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