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When did you realize you love working for your boss?

It was May 1993, I was graduating high school and I had just read my first Entrepreneur Magazine.

As a generation X, I was always told “Get good grades, so you can get a good job, so you can retire with good benefits”. I asked, “Isn’t that what everyone does? If so, why would I want to live my life (only have 1) being an average schmuck?

After graduation, I went to 2–3 few semesters of Community College (terrible grades) and dropped out. I decided that I had to do something to continue learning, something to stimulate my brain and I had that darn Entrepreneur Magazine in my hand. I promised myself I would read Entrepreneur Magazine cover-to-cover every month for the next 10 years — thats what I did!!! My college education (or equivalent) cost me ~$25 a year for 10 years ($250).

26 years after that decision (today), I ended up starting 14 companies, selling 4 and shutting down the other 10 that just didn’t work out. Now, I am working on building #15, a quantitative hedge fund that uses trading automation to grow our investors capital.

My boss is me

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