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What is a good trading account size for a day trader?

Short answer: $30k minimum, ideally $50k or more. Everyone says $25k because of the SEC Pattern Day Trade (PDT) requirement, however, if you have $25k and lose $1, you are now at $24,999 (below $25,000) The PDT rules is defined as 3 round trip (buy/sell orders) in a rolling 5-day period of time.

What if I don’t have that kind of money?

Easy, do you have $500? Use that to audition for a $50k funded account that my company offers. $500 = $50k trading account, $1k=$100k trading account, $2k=$200k trading account.

You have to grow the account 10% in the demo account without breaking the 4% max loss /day or 5% drawdown, once complete, the account is funded.

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21. Juni 2022

I am excited to succeed with the demo account. I signed up thru PayPal this past weekend. What steps do I take next to begin. Thanks, JimD

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