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What did Newsome do now?!

What did Newsome do now?! 

You by now know, Jerremy Alexander Newsome makes trading wagers ALL of the time. Why does he do this? Honestly, to simply instill confidence in his abilities.

We all know the markets come with inherent risks. If Jerremy is very confident on a trade, he still takes his 1R risk - but will also put a wager down on the line. More than money. Something that you can SEE and perhaps feel, like in this video.

The teaching and classes at Real Life Trading have been described as visceral, intense and impactful. We know how to teach, trade and enrich. This will not be the last wager Newsome does. Challenge him, if you dare! Let's educate people from all around the world what the stock market is, how it works and how to trade it!

Until the next wager my friends ~ Love Life, Live Life and Trade It!

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