• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Welcome to the Real Life Trading Retirement Calculator

Welcome to the Real Life Trading Retirement Calculator. Please use this calculator to do the following:

Determine if your current situation will meet your retirement needsIf the answer to #1 is no, then change the "before retirement growth rate" until you find the % return you need to meet your retirement needsIf you would like assistance finding a way to accomplish this number, email Brad@RealLifeTrading.com

The assumptions built in to this calculator are as follows:

This calculator does not include social security, pensions, annuities or any other form of retirement incomeThis calculator assumes that during retirement, you will consume 100% of the income generated from your savings each year

Please fill in the YELLOW BOXES ONLY and leave the other cells alone as you might corrupt the calculations. If you suspect you affected the calculations, just refresh the browser and everything will go back to the defaults.