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[UPDATE] #30DayChallenge

Hey, do you know what today is? Today is DAY 15 of the #30DayChallenge! In case you missed it, this was the challenge I posted in our new + struggling trader class 2 weeks ago. We are about at the half-way point in this new adventure and we are already hearing testimonials of traders seeing immediate benefits of implementing this homework.

#1 thing to remember is that your job as a trader is to execute your plan. That’s it, we are done!!

If you have a winning plan but fail to execute, does that plan still WIN? <Waiting for your answer> The answer is NO, it does NOT. If we took the most successful strategy in the world and put it into the hands of someone that does NOT execute, we would end up with a losing strategy. The key is the execution of the plan. After taking 5,000+ trades you learn this and we can help you accelerate the learning process when you take all the guesswork out of trading and let your trading plan work for you.

We’ve all heard of McDonald’s restaurants, there are in almost every country these days, and they have a training program called McDonald’s Hamburger University. Guess what they teach at Hamburger University? If you said “make burgers” you would be INCORRECT! They teach you to execute the system -- the system makes the burgers. Get it? Your trading plan does the work and your job is to execute your plan. The plan decides when to get into a trade, when to lock in gains, when to exit for a small loss, how many open trades, max loss in a day or week. All that hard stuff can be systematized into your plan and you just push the buttons. Sounds a tad complicated but trust me, it shaves off YEARS of learning. Couple that with backtrading 5 tickers a day and you go from struggling to consistently profitable in no time.

You are still with me, you didn’t quit already?? You aren’t a quitter, you are a CHAMPION, yeah that’s what I thought.

If you need to brush up on the class (video here). We only have 15 day’s left, LET’S FINISH STRONG!

True, backtrading isn’t for everyone, just traders that want to WIN, but I KNOW that’s you, {firstname}!

Let’s dig deep and apply laser-like focus on the things that matter for the last 15 days, backtrading every day, touching base with your accountability buddy, defining your WHY and following your plan. Remember, implement pain if you break you plan and implement a reward if you follow it. That’s all there is to obtaining success folks! Here’s a recap.


  1. Add the swing/day trading plan & add journal to dashboard.

  2. Define your WHY?

  3. Find an accountability buddy in RLT Slack.

  4. Practice BACK TRADING 5 tickers/day, 20 minutes a day = 25 tickers per week & send to buddy.

  5. Make a start/stop/continue list. (things you learn while back trading)

  6. Follow through on plan every week.

  7. Implement PAIN if you break your plan, reward if you follow it.

Reply back to me on this email and let me know how it’s going so far and any “breakthroughs” you’ve had with your trading.

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