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Trading Mastered

Class Thoughts

You made it! Coming from the far reaches of the internet, thanks for landing on the Mastery section of Real Life Trading. Remember our house analogy, relating trading to building a house? Well this section, this page, these classes, would be the door knobs, faucets, light bulbs, the paint on the walls, the crown molding and hopefully the wainscoting of your house.

I truly suggest that you do not start out with this material if you are a beginning trader, and if you do not have a written trading plan, I'll suggest it often in class. Make sure you have one. Failure to plan is planning to fail.

The information on this page is very relevant, advanced and dynamic, everything from advanced option strategies, to Elliot Wave, Fibonacci, even a little bit of candle blending. If you're taking and enjoying these classes then you will love the Trading Floor. Make sure you signed up because that's where the masters of trading reside, the professional Real Life Traders.

In the book 'Outliers', author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. There's a lot of content here and there always will be. But you'll notice it's not 10,000 hours worth. You will have to devote your time and energy and dedicate yourself to your studies, back trading, trader conditioning and following your plan. Becoming a Real Life Trader is truly just like learning any other profession. A professional sports player (in the MLB, NFL, NHL), lawyer, chef, pilot, surgeon, they have their rewards and paths. The path you are on is a beautiful one, lit by the candle of success and optimism. Be patient and be focused, friends, because in the market when you are patient you will become consistent. When you become consistent, you become disciplined. When you become disciplined, you become profitable. As a team and community, the traders here at Real Life Trading come from every walk of life. Different religions, income levels, account sizes, and geographical locations, but there is one thing we all have in common. The never-ending drive for success. It's not something we want, rather, it's something we need. I welcome you into the folds of an inspirational and incredible group of people who love life, live life, and trade it. Welcome to Real Life Trading!

Copyright 2015 Real Life Trading

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