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Trading For Beginners

Class Thoughts

If you were to build a house, where would you start? I'm sure you're thinking 'Well, you have to build the foundation first, the floors, walls, then the roof.” Let me preface this by saying that I am not a contractor at all. It's definitely a skill set I would love to work on in the future. This being said, yes, those are some crucial steps to laying and building the foundation, but there are a few more. The location has to be determined and planned well before building. Permits have to be acquired and, of course, a blue print has to be made.

On this page, you are going to cover some of the basic steps and learn why most traders are not profitable. The majority of traders out there do not have a trading plan (a blue print). I mean, do you physically have a written trading plan? Statistics show over 70% of traders do not. That's a lot!

The classes on this page will walk you through the basics of trading.

You will notice that there aren't many classes, only four in fact. Yep! That's because the team at Real Life Trading feels we can teach anyone in the world the basics of trading in just four classes!

It's approximately eight hours of material; material that truly should be mastered before trading real money. The good news is, in my opinion this is the fastest way to get where you want to be.

You see, having a trading plan does not mean you are never going to lose money on a trade.

Compare a trading plan if you will, to the play book of Pete Carroll, head coach of the NFL team, The Seattle Seahawks, who will forever in history be lauded as the winners of the 2014 Super Bowl. Did the Seahawks lose any games that season? Yep, three in fact. Was a plan in place for each minute of each game? Yes. That's the difference between professionals and non-professionals in any career, really; having a plan, or a blue print, solidly in place.

Oh, and yes, it's free. Enjoy, and welcome to Real Life Trading.

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