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The Top 10 Stocks I like the Most in 2017!

The Top 10 Stocks I like the Most in 2017! 

Hello traders, stock market fans, friends, family, followers, and traders from around the world. I hope you are doing superb. It's your most energetic stock trader on the planet here to give you some quick thoughts for 2017.

I'm hoping many of you are excited about this article. I loved writing it. I gave it a lot of thought. If you are looking for any specific entries, exits, targets, or strategies for the below stocks, email me and let's chat!

Otherwise, I will simply list these stocks in no specific order, just covering the ones I personally feel will have some incredibly strong gains in 2017. If you're interested in my reasoning, well again, you have my email or you can post in the comments section below. This is not a blind 'buy now' recommendation and I would highly encourage you to do some research on either the fundamental or technical set ups on these stocks.

Boeing: BALockheed Martin: LMTDeere and Company: DEChesapeake Energy Corporation: CHKTransocean Limited: RIGGeneral Dynamics: GDShopify Incorporated: SHOPNetflix: NFLXCF Industry Holdings: CFSouthwest Airlines: LUV

There you have it. Just my list. I'll be doing a follow up in 12 months to see where they are at. I fully expect most of these to pull back some in Feb or perhaps March, but would be shocked to see many lower in the future than they are now. :-) But of course, as always, a trading plan, risk mitigation, discipline, and patience are the keys to success!

Until next time: Love Life, Live Life and Trade it! 

Jerremy Alexander Newsome

CEO and the guy with the best beard at Real Life Trading.


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