The Real Real IPO

Hey there traders! How's it going? I am so excited to dig into this next IPO that has been out for about 5 months now. I hadn't actually heard about this company until about 2 months ago when I heard an advertisement for them on a few podcasts that I listen to. So let's learn a little about The Real Real and discuss some possible trade setups!

The Real Real was founded in 2011 by Julie Wainwright and it is a brick and mortar and online reseller of Authenticated luxury goods which includes everything from mens and women's fashion, watches, home goods, jewelry, purses and more. I'll be honest, I actually hate the companies name, which to mean sounds like pre-teen video game slang even though they sell luxury goods, but they didn't ask me. ;) Right now sales are done primarily online but they do have three brick and mortar shops; two in New York and one in California.

So how does The Real Real work? All items that are sold through the RealReal still belong to you, they just provide the platform on which to sell them. You start off by shipping your luxury good to the RealReal. After it is inspected and verified, they will list it online for the price that is completely chosen by t