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The next LIVE event with Jerremy Alexander Newsome

I am sure you have heard the saying "Money doesn't grow on trees." It's the standard response you hear growing up from parents or supervisors when you want or even need something. Have you ever said yourself, "I can't buy that, it's too expensive"? Or perhaps you've said to a loved one "not now honey, we can't afford it"?

Have you ever wondered why someone who does the same thing as you is making more money at it? Or seems to have more opportunities come to them?

What if you had a weekend of access to top money, finance, and personal improvement experts who could share with you their formulas for making money...right now? What if you could learn the success and mindset tools that these leaders use to create consistent income that can help YOU live the life of your dreams? What if that weekend included not only the price of the transformative, educational and liberating conference, but your accommodations, and all of your meals and drinks (yes, even 'adult' beverages), as well, on one of the most incredible beaches in Florida...all for under $1,000? For real.

In this high-energy, cerebrally intensive, mentally liberating conference, you will unlock, uncover and redefine certain beliefs we all might have about money.

The incredible takeaway is, you will adopt at least one new factually sound and logistically proven system that will radically change your life forever!

I have been dreaming of this moment and conference since I was a kid, and now, we all get to partake in this monumental experience together!

Come enjoy an all inclusive (that's right, all of your food, the room & even top shelf drinks) are included in the pricing below. If you are interested in a 'non drinks' package, email me at And of course, this incredible pricing does not include air fair. :-)

My mission with this event is To Enrich Lives with Mentally Liberating Education! I truly hope I am able to spend quality time with you while we grow, progress and become wealthier together!

Click here for tickets! 

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