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The Long Haul 100

I have had 3 people (who know me well) ask me, “What were the big revelations and takeaways from this race?"

Starting January 1st, I set out to complete a personal challenge called 12x12x12, where participants run / walk / jog 12 miles, every 12 hours, for 12 days — completing 288 miles in total. 

And then, as the capstone, I would pop down to Florida for a 100mile race event! 

12 + 12 = 24. For 2024. 

I lived in GA for 12 years, FL for 12 years and TN for 12 years. I turn 36 in May. 

36 + 24 + 12 + 12 + 12 = 96

Sprinkle in 4 people that left my life in kind of an abrupt fashion and you get 100. 

I’ve always used numbers to make sense out of my emotions and where I should focus my energy and time. Everything seemed in alignment, so I set off towards an adventure that would span over 14 days and create for me, so much peace and harmony. 

Why all the running? …I thought you kind of hated running?

The end of 2023 had not culminated the way I was envisioning. I was having business relationships and friendships crumble in front of my face, seemingly everyday and it was causing me to spiral a bit. The pain and anguish of “failing others and their expectations of me” was putting me into a place I had not been in quite a while. An Anger Cave. 

“Anger is my most lethal poison.”  What should someone do when faced with obstacles and hurdles that seem insurmountable? 

What is the best course of action when depression, anxiety or anger grip tightly at your legs, so that your bed becomes a cocoon of safety — very hard to emerge from?  How does one get results that do not seem possible or attainable?  MASSIVE ACTION. 

  Change everything!


Alter your mind!

Your body is simply a physical reflection of your mind. And when your mind doesn’t shut off, and it seems the majority of the thoughts are dark, you need light to enter your spirit. You need to flip the switch ON. And without energy, without electricity, without that surge, there will be very little — if any light.   “The ego doest not exist after 50 miles on your legs.” The Long Haul 100 mile race was meaningful for me because just a few years ago, I had never even heard the term “100 mile race.” I was unaware such savagery to the human body even existed.  My questions were always…


“Do you run the whole time?”

“What do you eat?”

“How long does that take?”

“Where do you use the bathroom?”

I would soon answer all of these for myself. 

But this 100 mile race had a special gift for everyone in attendance… The gnarliest and angriest mud I’ve ever seen. 

It eventually became my crucible and my muse. The mud is the entire reason I’m writing this post. It taught me so many lessons. It gave to me, my takeaways —and I wish to share them with you now. 

  1. Mud is duM.

  2. Hey, sometimes life is Muddy. Get over it.

  3. At least it’s not raining [ironic because on lap 6, my last loop, it did start to rain].

  4. The mess in your life is often part of the message you need to tell.

  5. Your most challenging obstacles generally aren’t these HUGE walls or barriers. Sometimes it’s just slippery, shitty Mud. 

  6. Keep your footing and balance. It will help you avoid falling down.

  7. I have learned I much faster pursuing someone than running away from someone.

  8. People pay good money for a Mud bath.

  9. You are not a dinosaur. Do not die in the Mud.

  10. Mud doesn’t steal your ego, it dyes it… 

How bad was this mud really??

One of the greatest Ultra Athletes in the sport (a real leg cyborg) Harvey Lewis called it “the muddiest course he had ever run”.



Ultimately these might just be the ramblings of a sleep deprived, tired, wet, soggy rat. But many of them ring really true. 

Here was my ultimate takeaway:

Sit in the discomfort. Feel it. Let it take you to all of the deep and dark places. Let it teach you.

Let it share with you why this moment is uncomfortable for you. Don't fear it. Don't rush past it — for in the discomfort are answers towards healing.

That's where growth lives.

I left my 100 mile race without Anger and a killed / suppressed Ego feeling grateful, happy and empty. I am ready for my next adventure. 

If you want to watch a video of some of the action, I made a quick 5 min recap. 

I was also able to create voice recordings of the above 10 lessons from the mud as I thought them during the race. If you want to hear them, just text me and I’ll send you the 90 second long recording. (352) 246-4596.

🫡 Until the next hard challenge,

Jerremy “Mud” Newsome CEO, Real Life Trading 

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