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The exceptional insights of real estate lending and syndication with Billy Brown

Every Month at we have a new theme. September is Real Estate Month. Our mission is To Enrich Lives. I hope you have some gorgeous takeaways from this interview.

In this discussion we cover a nice and vast array of topics like:

Why invest in real estate? (3 reasons-Cash Flow-Leverage(lending)-Tax Advantages)

What type of lending do you do? Is your investing through your employer or on your own?

What is Syndication and how is that different from just buying a rental property?

What is the difference in Passive vs Active Investing?

Did you know there are over 10 ways to be a PASSIVE real estate investor without “buying” a single piece of property (and get fantastic returns!)

What do you look for when putting an offer on properties?

How do you find your properties?

What resources are out there if I want to learn about real estate investing and how to use lending?

Billy's website is at:

Billy's Bio

Sponsor of Music and Money Investors Group

VP Business Development for Alternative Capital Solutions and our new entity Commercial Capital BIDCO (commercial bridge lending)

CCIM candidate 2020

Lending Sponsor and contributor to The Real Estate Guys Radio (I’ll be featured on their podcast coming up in October)

Started out “house hacking”

Wife and I (and team) syndicated 82 unit apartment in Lexington KY, closed in July 2019

Closing on single tenant triple net office Sept 19th.

Weekly newsletter on lending and investing goes out to over 2k people educating them on how to use the right leverage for the right project.

Other little known facts:

Played D1 college golf at Oklahoma State University

Lived at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs

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