• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

The 6 Human Needs and How They Relate to Trading

What do you need? Have you ever stopped to think about it in depth? I mean, sure there are the basic physical needs like food, water, and shelter, which must first be satisfied before we can even think beyond this level. Once they are, though, once we are fed and healthy and safe, what's next? 

We are curious creatures, I believe, with an innate desire for learning and growing, becoming increasingly dissatisfied with a stagnant existence. We are all on a journey and the impetus behind it is six very basic human needs. My name is Angie Barbosa and I was first introduced to this concept several years ago at a motivational event that became a pivotal breakthrough point in my life. While the idea has terrific applications for all areas of life, I'm focusing this article on how they are relatable to a trader because honestly, you are here because you want to learn to be a better trader, right? We yearn to catch those beautiful upswings and ride the crashing waves down . . . but why?

If it's just "to make money" success will be fleeting and the gains won't stick. There must be a deeper need driving us, and there is! There are six, in fact, and there