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The 5 Moods not Conducive for Trading

The 5 Moods not Conducive for Trading

In this video Angie Barbosa and Jerremy Alexander Newsome finally get to do a video together. They team up to discuss certain moods, which are not conducive for trading.

Trading is often described as a very mental sport! Understanding and knowing your emotions is quite crucial. 

This was a great video because it spurred a lot of conversations, comments and emails about other emotions. Here's what John S had to say.

"Number 1 on my list would be "Revenge Trading"... the belief that the market has it out for you. If one feels the market has betrayed them or their expectations... one may take unnecessary risks in an effort to "get back" at the market out of revenge. In addition to those you mentioned, this is a significant mood in which to avoid. Just my two cents.

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