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Thank you for serving your country

Thank you for serving your country.

I hope you hear this a lot if you are or were in the military For that matter, this gratitude also applies to Police Officers, Fire Fighters, First Responders, Federal Employees/contractors, respective spouses and anyone else I may have missed who have dedicated their lives to helping make this great nation even greater and safer.

One day your service to your country will come to an end Some of you want that to happen sooner than later Others may love their current employment, but might be looking for a way to supplement their income or their retirement fund If any of these apply to you, you?re probably thinking, "I can't afford to leave right now" or "Man, the benefits are too good" or "I don't have the extra time to do anything else". Well, after serving in the military for over 23 years I have recently laid the ground work to allow me to call it quits. I'm here to tell you though, you don't have to be like me and wait 20+ years to figure out that you can have some great options with your future If you are getting ready to retire, or you just want to move on, and/or you want FINANCIAL FREEDOM (having the time and money to do what you want), keep reading.

I am going to keep this short and sweet, because if you are still with me, I'm going to give you some information that if acted upon will set the course for you to move towards leaving your J-O-B and attaining financial freedom So here goes Three quick thoughts to ponder about your future.

First and foremost, let me pass on to you what may be the most important piece of advice you will ever hear about your future, and what I wish I had figured out years ago!.


Here is a plain and simple fact: You could retire or quit your job today if you had enough money to pay your bills, save some money and be able to continue to live the lifestyle you want to live. 

Ever think about hitting the lottery? Think about this. If you could quit your job today, you wouldn't have to: trade your precious time for dollars, put your life in danger, be separated from your loved ones for months at a time, be stressed out, deal with an obnoxious co-worker or live your life for somebody else. It's sad to say, but is fact Working for somebody else is going to require your precious years in a job or require an income supplement in order for you to get free. Trust me I know. The catch You need a legitimate vehicle to get you where you want to go

Secondly, as you know, more than anybody else, freedom isn't free. I don't believe anybody has ever given you a free lunch while you've been serving your country and sacrificing like you have What I'm going to teach you isn't about a get rich quick or Ponzi scheme, and it's not because I want your money. Believe it or not, teaching you how to be financially free won't cost you anything, at least not monetarily. What it will cost you is a concerted effort of hard work and discipline in order to attain what most people will never know - financial freedom If you are going to build a dream, make sure it's yours and not someone else's.

Lastly, take it from a fellow brother in arms I have spent hundreds of hours and lost a lot of money looking for businesses to start, internet websites to launch and other opportunities that never panned out as I wanted. After a lot of pain and years of searching, I'm proud to say I've finally found what I've been looking for, and so, I leave you this!


Go to the link below and read the article from Jerremy Alexander Newsome He'll provide you a vehicle that if fueled with your perseverance and dedication, will take you exactly where I think you want to go IF followed, the steps in this link will change your life, possibly for generations to come!

If you ever have any questions, maybe just need someone to talk to, I'm always just one email away. Thanks for your precious time!

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