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Stop Being A Perma Bear

Stop Being A Perma Bear

What does the word perma mean? It's an abbreviation for permanent. Everywhere I go on the internet, I constantly see "the stock market is in a bubble" or "the market has to crash soon" or The US Dollar is going to collapse any day... yawn. 

We've read the articles. We've seen the headlines. We have attended the webinars and presentations and here is a fact. They have been wrong, for YEARS! And they will continue to be wrong. If you are under the age of 100, there's a fantastic chance you will be trading another 20+ years. Maybe another 40 or 50 years! The message in this video holds true for any trader who loves the trading and investing in the market. 

In the webinar I mention Warren Buffets prediction of the Dow Jones in 100 years. Click here to access that


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