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Real Life Trading Fall Portfolio 2017: First Edition

Real Life Trading Fall Portfolio 2017: First Edition

Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentleman, stock traders, fans, followers, friends and family ~ how are you on this lovely and fine present moment at which you find your eager eyes reading this enriching article?

Have you had any ground breaking, monumental updates, revelations or breakthroughs recently? Which books have transported your into new mindsets and thoughts? Or movies? I too, love movies.

Betting on Zero and Banking on Bitcoin were two of my most recent and favorite documentaries I’ve watched on NFLX. Thank you Dean and Jason Smith for the recommendations.

Well, my guess is, you didn’t open this article to hear about my movie selections. Even though I did make a great video about that recently.

Let’s chat stocks and make some skrill, moola, dinero, cash, scratch… it’s money baby. Currency! Greenbacks, dead presidents (kind of).

There are so many opportunities and the Fall Season is my favorite season of the year, for multiple reasons. Both College and Professional Football, the leaves changing color, cooler weather, The World Series, Halloween, craft beers get all jacked up and super festive, tons of time with family ~ honestly, I love all of the seasons for different reasons. But here in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s Fall, AKA Autumn. So, which stocks looked poised to crush it?

Before we massively dive in, my lawyers wanted to remind you, this is simply analysis. Not investment advice. I’m not saying just put all of your money into these 5 stocks below. What I am saying is, myself and a buddy did a lot of research and I think there’s some amazing trading opportunities on these 5 stocks this season, especially if you are comfortable with both bullish and b bearish trades. So, you want to read the analysis carefully. Am I long or short? Do I plan on doing credit spreads or debit spreads? It depends. Either way - welcome to the Fall Portfolio, edition numero uno.

I have a great friend named Matt Delong, who lives here in the Nashville area as well. Here is his TWTR and QUORA profile.He’s also in the Real Life Trading Rooms each and every day. He went from worst trader ever to best trader ever in about 2 months after dedicating a lot of time, energy, reading and mentorship and I’m featuring one of his stock pics in this portfolio, which is similar to winning a Nobel Prize. Hahaha. If only.

His stock pick is:

1.    Logmein- Ticker LOGM: Analysis on September 24th, 2017

“LOGM They are a SAAS software company -- based in Boston -- that makes money from “recurring revenue” that is auto-charged to a credit card on a monthly basis. You know the good thing about recurring revenue? It’s recurs! Now, there are typically 2 categories of software companies biz models -- distributed & SAAS. SAAS software companies like (Shopify & LOGM) are traded at a premium over the distributed software companies (think MSFT where Windows is a 1-time fee, versus perpetual monthly income). They recently merged with Citrix in Feb 2017 to expand their product offering even more! If you are wondering what this company sells -- you probably have already used one of their software products over the past couple years and didn’t even know it!”

The cool part is, I use a lot of their services. And you know what I say?(Which I learned from Warren Buffet) If you are going to invest in a company, make sure you know what it does. Well, I know exactly how many of their owned branches work and make money because I use them. Here’s their chart.

Can we say bullish?

Appears they have increased massively in value over the last 5 years. Question is, can they go higher? Yep - I think so. That’s why they are in the portfolio. ;-)

And if you were like “Jerremy, do they pay dividends?” Yep! They do. The $110.00 price was a really strong previous resistance back in late 2016 and early 2017.

As of now, it’s becoming a strong support. The 100 and 200 SMA are doing their thing, acting as a good price level and the last 3 days on LOGM have created a pretty decent morning star pattern. If LOGM closes above $112.96, I think she slowly keeps climbing higher. This one could be solid for a bull put spread $105 and below. Earnings are in late October, which I’m really excited about. Earnings season is right around the corner anyway, which I’m always jazzed up about. So, LOGM, let’s watch this baby to keep climbing, slowly.

2.       Web.com Group - Ticker WEB: Analysis on September 24th, 2017

Nope, this is not WebMD. Did you know they were publicly traded? It was. WebMD was bought out by a private equity group KKR for 2.8 billion (with an n) a few months back.

Here is what web.com does: Web.com Group, Inc. provides a range of Internet services to small businesses in North America, South America, and the United Kingdom. The company offers a range of Web services and products that enable small businesses to establish, maintain, promote, and optimize their online presence. It provides domain name registration, such as .com and .net domains, as well as a suite of domain name services, including domain name registration, transfer, renewal, expiration protection, and privacy services. The company also offers Do-It-For-Me Web solutions, including Custom Websites with built in marketing, analytics, and hosting facilities; Ignite that enables Websites to be promoted in various directories; Facebook Boost by Web.com, which designs or updates the business profile page on Facebook and includes monthly advertising and postings; and eCommerce that designs, setups, and configures the online store and shopping cart. Further, the company offers online marketing services, including search engine optimization; local and national search engine marketing services; Essentials, a suite of marketing tools for businesses; Lighthouse, automated communications service for dental practices; TORCHx, a lead generation and CRM solution for real estate professionals; Centermark, a marketing and intelligence platform; Leads by Web service to research relevant keywords in the customers industry; lead generation services to contractors, homebuilders, and remodeling professionals; and online advertising services. Web.com Group, Inc. markets its products and services through online channels, outbound and inbound telesales, television and radio advertising campaigns, local direct sales, and branding, as well as through resellers, affiliate networks, and private label partners. The company was incorporated in 1999 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

I used to live near Jacksonville. It’s an up and coming real estate market too and will really start thriving in the near future (FYI). After all, September is Real Estate Month here at Real Life Trading.

I have a buddy who owns a similar company. Titan Web Marketing Solutions.

And he does very well. Meaning, this is a good business to be in.

What does this say about their stock?

Well, it looks real disciplined to me. Look at the gorgeous interactions with that support and resistance prices. Is WEB going to break above $25.50? I’m not sure. Possibly. If it does, $37 is an easy target. Which, shoot, that’s over a 35% ROI! I’ll be keeping a real close eye on this sleeping tech giant.

Plus, the weekly chart looks good and the 200 SMA is acting as a nice support.

3.      Apple Inc.- Ticker [Everyone already knows this but it is AAPL] Analysis on September 24th, 2017

Alright, AAPL, what are you doing recently? Well, all I can say about this one is, I warned you…

In my last write up, I was checking out a lot of divergence on AAPL. Plus, it has always been a buy the rumor / sell the news type of stock.

This chart is very interesting right now. One Real Life Trader nailed what was going on. Look at this comment a few weeks back.

Here is something I can say for sure. You’ll notice with the purple arrows, the 20 ema on the weekly chart acted as a decent support on AAPL before. And, we are here again. Will AAPL bounce? Yes. How much? And how far? At this point, here’s what #mrsquiggles thinks.

I am sending out this free analysis and portfolio to the world today (on a Sunday). I’m keeping a really close eye on AAPL on Monday morning. Semi hoping she gaps up above the high of Friday’s candle. If that’s the case, she is off to the bull races for 2-4 days.

From there? We will just have to see. Below is my chart of what I personally think happens from here.

But, to be clear, if AAPL gaps down and opens below the low of Friday’s candle, that’s very bearish and this stock will keep sliding (for the short term). Otherwise, many of us are looking for that longer term buy spot for this stock.

4.    Redfin Corporation- Ticker: RDFN Analysis on September 24th, 2017

This is a fun little cookie. I like this stock. It’s brand new on the market. I like to put at least 2 or 3 of these a year in the portfolio write ups. Brand new IPO’s are fun because #1 they have such little data. Meaning, indicators will not have proper time to fully function yet. Which is wonderful, for the candlestick and price action masters like US! And secondly, they can be really volatile! And volatile = opportunities. Now, full disclosure, many of the Real Life Traders are already in this trade for a few days back. We set up this trade in the afternoon swing trading room. I’ve got to give my girl Sybil in North Carolina a shout out for bringing this hopeful winner to our attention.

Redfin Corporation operates as a real estate brokerage company in the United States. The company operates an online real estate marketplace and provides real estate services, such as assisting individuals to purchase or sell their residential property. It also provides title and settlement services; and originate mortgages. The company was formerly known as Appliance Computing Inc. and changed its name to Redfin Corporation in May 2006. The company was incorporated in 2002 and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

After all, this is Real Estate Month right? How fitting. So, what to do if you are not already in? I’m thinking something like this:

Either way, this one will be fun to wrestle.

5.     ETSY Inc.- Ticker: ETSY Analysis on September 24th, 2017

Coming into the Christmas and gift giving season, people will be hoping onto ETSY by the droves! At least, I know I will. This is a super fun, E-commerce site that is very easy to use. I love it’s functionality, target market and payout structure. ETSY has already produced dozens of millionaires! Simply by giving the artist an outlet and a way to sell.

I compared ETSY to Sam Bradford in this video and so far, I haven’t been terribly far off.

The stock had a terrible post IPO performance, dropping over 55%in a few months! But since then, it has slowly recovered and posted some good earnings.

Worst case scenario, I think this company is an easy buyout target for an AMZN, WMT or EBAY, looking to collect on it’s cult like following.

The stock has already broken out of a big resistance and has nothing but massive upside potential ahead of it. I personally feel any kind of pull back on this cute e-commerce, social media, watering hole is a very buyable event, especially at the price.

My friends and stock market enthusiasts, than you so much for reading this! As a reminder, our mission is To Enrich Lives. I’ve seen articles and portfolios shorter than this with less charts sell for over $395. Please note I’m not ignorant of how to sell it, I simply want people all over the world to know how to properly and safely invest in the stock market. Please tell your friends about us. You never know how such valuable information might impact people!

I will see you again in October, for the Second Edition of the Fall Portfolio. Until then, remember, you are amazing, YOU ROCK and LOVE LIFE, LIVE LIFE and TRADE IT!!!

~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome

CEO of Real Life Trading and guy with a stellar beard