• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Real Life Stock Review March 20th, 2017

Real Life Stock Review March 20th, 2017

Hey Real Life Traders! What's going on?! How are you?! Did you have an amazing weekend?

Well, this week I have two webinars specifically directed towards the younger crowd. You are welcome to be there too - but they both will be LIVE and RECORDED.

The first class is tomorrow. It's called "What is a Mortgage?" That link is RIGHT here: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/657e01311425e17666858a512be5123a

Have your kids register (and you can too, if you want)!

It starts at 2:30 pm Eastern. I know many kids are home from school for Spring Break this week - so I'm doing this one during the day.

I'm really excited about this webinar! But, I'm always excited! YOU ROCK!

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