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Real Life Stock Review: Importance of the Hourly Chart

Real Life Stock Review: Importance of the Hourly Chart

Hey Traders! I hope you slept well and are excited about the markets today. I still think we move slightly higher this week. I know MANY of you are enjoying the FREE week at Real Life Trading, enjoying the open house to the Trading Rooms.

If you are interested in another webinar, today myself and 4 other traders are going to be apart of MarketFest.

This really is a big deal (as it usually is). I'm honored to even be apart of such a A+ podium of traders and business owners.

Even if you can't make it live, it's worth registering because I'm sure they will be providing recordings and probably some pretty awesome deals.

Click the following link to register for MarketFest!

This is also totally free! You are most welcome to share this link with other traders and friends. My time slot specifically is 1:45 pm Eastern. I will be focusing on, what else?! Candles and day trading.

Thanks for watching this video!

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