• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

Real Life Stock Review +Golf Meetup

Real Life Stock Review 8/16/17

Las Vegas? Well, I know I just got back from Germany, but now I'm off to the desert. It's supposed to be 104 degrees over there this weekend, so I'm not packing any sweaters. How was your trading today? Are the markets treating you kindly? I only locked in .6R on the day. Pretty small stuff, but I'll take the gain. I had a few swing trades immediately go against me at the beginning of the month, so I'm finally just now at break even. :-0

Anyway, here's your mid week Real Life Stock Review. Enjoy!

Ps. I mention this in the video too, but if you want to attend, Sunday is the last day to pick up your Golf Gala tickets. I plan on holding a seminar AND THEN we play an intense round of golf! Click here to get your tickets. The price does include the course costs.