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Real Life Stock Review August, 2nd 2017

Real Life Stock Review August, 2nd 2017

How is it going, Real Life Traders? Anything fun and exciting happening your way today? Kind of a bitter sweet day, today. I had 3 of my swings hit my stops. So I realized a 3R loss with those. Lost on WAB, MSM and IPXL bullish. Oh well. I've got still COF, ORLY, AAPL and TSLA bullish, but those are all paper gains right now. We shall see what occurs. :-) Lose less than you win, right? It's just simple math.

So realized, as of today, I'm at -2.5R on the month. I'll give you another update on Friday.

By the way, thank you for reading my emails. I am sure you are pleased about the vast lack of sales pitches. But, I do have this Real Life Stock Review set up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for being truly incredible!

~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome

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