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Real Life Stock review 4 6 16

Real Life Stock review 4 6 16

Hey Real Life Traders! How are you? How has your week progressed? Locked in 4.5 R yesterday. I recap those trades. Nothing at all exciting going on today really. Actually about to go head out and play some golf! The market is weak today, I had some superb returns day trading on Tuesday. I figure, why give any back today? My buddy Garrison just netted some gains trading WYNN as a bearish day trade. 

The SPY is forming a very small range thus far. My wager on TSLA looks to be safe along with those who are trading it bullish. Man that thing is moving (As we said it would). Here's my thoughts on AGN, PFE, AAPL, LULU and more! Enjoy your Free Real Life Stock Review on this Wednesday.

Thanks for watching. YOU ROCK!

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