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Fun fact: my dad used to say he had a parking genie. That’s because he ALWAYS found a parking spot.

And I inherited it.

The Thursday before Good Friday, April 14th, the whole family was going out to lunch to meet a dear friend who flew in from Las Vegas.

The man we were meeting is one of the wealthiest people I know and is a great business mentor of mine. Extremely generous, fabulously rich, and ridiculously wealthy, this man is all about prosperity. He embodies it, fully.

However, we were running a little late to this lunch meeting.

Not being on time is one of my biggest stresses…

If I’m ever a dick, it’s because I’m running late.

We drove around the most slammed parking lot I’ve ever seen. We drove around TWICE actually!!

I’ve been to this eating establishment at least 100 times my life, and I’ve always found a parking space immediately. Instantaneously!

I would pull up and pull in.

Not this time.

This restaurant and parking lot were busier than a tick at a dog show.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you the type of person that magically finds a convenient place to park, even when the lot is slam-jam full?

My dad would rub on the steering wheel like it was a lamp and say, “Where is my perfect parking place, genie?”

Generally, it was the LAST SPOT, the farthest away from our destination, but we would park and never be late, anywhere.

What if the merit of believing in something so strongly, with such conviction, allowed it to appear into your life?

My achievers will say, “That makes very little sense because you have to put in WORK to get anything.”

That’s a very “alpha/achieve” statement to utter.

Usually, the “work” is simple.

What if it is just asking someone else for help? I mean, did you build that parking space? Did you stand there for hours waiting for the car to pull out? Or did you believe it would happen?

Often, the magic of believing comes true because it requires an allowing, a surrendering, and a welcoming brought into your life by beings other than you.

Ready for another example?

Without belaboring the point, a few mornings ago I was doing a meditation, and a face of a trader popped into my mind. I was attempting to reach out to him. For two or three minutes, I tried to recall his name, but I couldn’t!

I knew it started with a “C” sound, which caused me to pull up my phone and start searching.

I typed “Chan” into my phone, and then I realized I have no contacts in my phone whose first names start with those four letters, specifically non one named Chandler. LOL.

I hopped onto TWTR and I posted this >>.

I also reached out to someone else named Greg who told me the guy I was thinking about was Kamron! I connected with them both, and I felt fulfilled. Then, I went on about my day.

Ten hours later, this email came through, seen in the screenshot below.

My awesome publicist Josh saw my tweet, thought about who he knew, and connected me with someone named Chandler.


And, another 12 hours after that email thread, I called Chandler on the phone connecting with him!

My friend, this is WILD! You might be thinking, “This is irrelevant. What is the point of this story?”

Below I will share four steps to change your life very quickly.

But first…


My wife had a great idea as we were about to drive around the building for a third time looking for a space in the 239 filled spaces: “Jerremy, my love, just drop us off, and we will go get the table while you find your spot and meet us.”

“Yep, perfect idea!” I exclaimed.

I pulled up in front of the door, let the whole crew out, and as I did this, THE CAR IN FRONT OF ME began to pull out of their parking spot. Not only was this “the car in front of me” it was the one right next to the entrance.

Keep in mind, I don’t care about walking a far distance. I am not looking for convenience when I’m parking. Just like my dad, I will park three miles away and walk; I’ll even valet if it is available.

This story is about recognizing magic!

This story is about realizing the feeling of prosperity because in that moment, I was so aware, I was fully tuned in, and I was inescapably present! This parking space was 11 feet away from the entrance, MAYBE. Could have even been closer. If there was ever a perfect parking spot for a dude with a family, this was it! And it was given to me!

There is a large likelihood that you trade the liquid markets, like me! Crypto, stocks, options, futures, all the fun things! I’m taking that guess because you have joined me, here on my blog, on my trading website! Therefore, let me propose three additional questions to you.

Do you believe in attracting profitable trades?

Is there a chance you can meditate your way into a winning trade?

Do our thoughts really allow us to be more profitable, richer, wealthier, and more prosperous?

Here are four steps, as promised, that if used and implemented, will change your life forever!

  1. Create a belief of something you truly want and desire.

  2. Ensure that you have to rely on other people for it to come into your life.

  3. Write this belief down and repeat it 10x a day out loud.

  4. Surround yourself with other people who believe this “woo woo” stuff works.

Example of #1

I believe in my heart that I will meet Dr. Joe Dispenza, in person, shaking his hand, within one calendar year from today.

[Tip #1. You have to believe what you write. Like, fully. It becomes too unbelievable initially when people write, “I believe I will have $1,000,000,000 in my bank account next Thursday morning.”]

{Although it could happen, the energy of belief has to be extreme and meaningful! Doubt cannot exist, at all!}

I am very confident that I will meet Joe Dispenza in the near future and when I do, I’ll send out a second blog and give you an update!

Example of #2

Do not go out and just buy a ticket for a Dispenza event. Allow the magic to work! Allow someone to offer you to join them or look for a text from a friend inviting you to XYZ event at ZYX location.

Example of #3

Take out a piece of paper and pen and jot your belief down! And then put it in your pocket. Carry it around. [This is the step most people will not complete, for fear of judgment: “What if someone sees this? What if it falls out of my pocket and people think I’m a looney bird?”]

Example of #4

Go to events like this.

Click on the above link and get yourself around others who ARE ALSO LOONEY BIRDS. Spend time with people who do not judge, but only uplift. Invest time with individuals and leaders who create rather than deflate.

What you will find is this: inner peace.

After you attend events that scare you, that frighten you, that are different and out of your comfort zone…what begins to happen is magic and miracles begin to pour into your life! At first, it’s slow, small, tiny ones. They are hard to notice unless you know what to look for: a parking space, a free meal, a hug, or a book.

And then, you are able to receive tasteful and masterful alignments. Ones that propel you into locations, events, beliefs, net-worths, and opportunities that are presently hard to imagine, but will become your life in 2-3 years.

Know that my heart yearns for your prosperity because you can always have more! Peace and contentment are the building blocks for global enrichment! If you are there, let’s grow together.

If you want to join me and a few of your peers in Nashville June 4-7th, use the above link to sign up or email me at and let’s discuss your journey and path to prosperity!

~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome

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