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Proof, that profitable trading is all in your mind!

Proof, that profitable trading is all in your mind! 

Hey traders! I hope you are well. This is an email from a dear friend and new Real Life Trader. He has worked very hard to get where he is now and has turned his horrific losses in swing trading to a being profitable now, a few months in a row.

He is now working and focusing on day trading. Below is almost his entire email. I cut out some, because he was referring to other trading companies and their inane ability to actually help. {So, I just deleted that part. Me and him can know his original initial content. HAHA}

SO - here you go. Unedited it all it's glory. A very real, humbling and power personal message about the games the mind can play and the discipline required to be a profitable traders. 

"After three coaching sessions with you, I got one page each for day for Day and Swing trading. In the back of my mind I was like "it is so simple, I need more". I believe this is because somewhere in my mind I was thinking trading plan is like a 36 page user manual like road driving test.

This is fifth day in day trading and I didn't follow three of the rules in that one page! Here are those three.1. Monday I did over trading and lost all the profit I gained and ended up with 0.2 R loss2. Tuesday I didn't get away from the system after putting a trade. This made me over think and made me exit for break even when I have potential to gain.3. Today I didn't exit when I hit my target and that made me loose 1R.I could see how easy and simple it is to stay profit if I just simply follow the plan! I now know that following even a single page trading plan requires a LOT LOT LOT LOT OF DISCIPLINE :)I can only image what kind of a losses I would have faced if not for your coaching.Thank you very much Jerremy!Thanks,Syam"

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