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Perhaps the Best Trading Software??

Perhaps the Best Trading Software??

Hey Traders from all over the world! How are each and every one of you fine folks doing?

As I've mentioned in previous emails, write-ups and videos, I plan to do broker reviews and trading software reviews from time to time. I don't personally see Real Life Trading as a review site, but I do get a lot of requests via email and sometimes on Twitter.

Therefore, I plan to go over a pretty highly recommended trading software, one that's been around for a while. Many people have heard of it. Some have not. It's one of the more 'expensive, higher echelon' software out there, kind of like TC2000 and Ninja Trader. VantagePoint comes with an interesting and unique twist, however. It's like a self-driving Bentley. Why do you buy a Bentley? Because it's a Bentley. Enough said.

I like using and trying out trading software. The first software I ever used was Trade Navigator. I will say, when using VantagePoint, it does have a very similar look and feel to Trade Navigator. It's built mainly for PC users and has a crisp, hardworking, 'white collar that has been promoted from blue collar' kind of feel.

I have never used VantagePoint before this week. In order to run VantagePoint, one needs a PC or a MAC with an extra processor that runs Windows, like VMWARE or Parallels.

Customer Service:

Here's the part that semi blew me away. When it comes to trading, software can be a dime a dozen for me. I know how to trade. But when I do have an issue with the software, I like to have someone I can talk to so my problem can be resolved quickly. Time is money. Check this out – I called the number on their site 1-800-732-5407 and reached 'Market Technologies”. That's the parent company. They do a few other things. Anyway, I got a call back from Brittany. She scheduled a call and a walk through with Daniel. He called me and we chatted for about 30 mins. We did a one-on-one webinar walk through (since I couldn't download the software) and he showed me a few ins and outs.

I told him 'It looks really cool, but I want to give it a more personal test drive. I usually don't use indicators of any sort so I would like to test it for a bit”. Know what they did? They literally overnighted me a computer (a dell PC) with VantagePoint already loaded on the machine! What?! They mailed me a computer?? Yep. I'm not saying to expect this every time. This could have been out of the ordinary, but regardless, every email I sent or every phone call I made was returned within minutes! This is a far cry from the service I've received at other places and companies.

That's one of the most important factors for any purchase I ever make. I want to be treated well. (Crazy right?) Well, I give the customer service with Market Technologies a HUGE A+. But customer service doesn't make me more money.

How it works:

Honestly, I had never heard of Louis Mendelsohn until getting this software, but I would easily put him in the same category as Steve Nison or John Bollinger. He developed something called inter-market analysis where he uses data and the movement of stocks across sectors and how they relate with each other to comprise something called 'neural networks”, which is pretty fascinating stuff. It's kind of like this huge synthesizer that takes tons of market data and creates a nice sound from it all.

That's where VantagePoint gets pretty sweet! As you may or may not know – I am not the biggest fan of indicators. Very rarely can they tell me something I don't already know. Sure, VantagePoint has indicators just like any other software. What I didn't realize initially was how VantagePoint has proprietary indicators. Proprietary meaning, information that is actually different or unique. I show this to you you all this in a video above.

Before I get to the video though, I am always very weary of 'leading indicators'. I heard this term a lot when on the webinar with Daniel. Like I mentioned earlier, though, John Bollinger literally created Bollinger Bands, one of the most commonly used indicators out there. It's not a 'leading indicator' specifically, but it's fun to use and indicates volatility. Mr. Mendelsohn took volatility, price action, sectors, and combined them all and then applied it all over the general markets, news and other stocks and how they are moving to determine how the particular stock you are looking at might move in the future. And it has a pretty dang high success rate. Over 70% and documented! Anyway, I'm a total trading nerd and I'm always excited to learn new things, see new things, experience new things and 'meet' people who have an unwavering passion for trading and helping others. I haven't met Louis yet. I did have the opportunity to talk to his son, Lane, though. Super nice guy! If you want to get more information or you're just simply interesting in poking around and checking out more information, click this link

Anyway, Enough blabbering. Let me get into some of this video action so you can see the ins and outs of this stuff. I am really excited to make this walk through and tutorial on VantagePoint to show the world what this can do. 

Secondly, if you're wondering – this works with Forex, Futures, Commodities, if you want to trade it, it's there. Alright. Video time! Feel free to click this link to watch the video, or just scroll above and click that video. Enjoy!