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NFL Quarterbacks if they were Stocks 2015

NFL Quarterbacks - if they were Stocks 2015

A quick intro: I am currently 27. I'm a male. I've lived in the South my whole life. Thus, I love football. That's pretty much the transitive property. I'm big into Fantasy Football, too. LeMasters all the way!

I also happen to be a professional day trader and stock educator. The idea for this comparison article popped into my head while on the way down to Gainesville, FL for the UF / TENN game a few weeks back. I hope it puts stocks into a Real Life perspective for you. I love teaching people how investing and trading works and how regular people, like me, can increase our overall income using the markets. 

Getting to the point. This is a list of current Quarterbacks from the 2015 NFL season as of October, as they are related to a current stock ticker.

Carson Palmer - XOM. Been around for a while. Slightly unpredictable, but can be explosive. Pays dividends and quite familiar to most.Matt Ryan - KO. This was easy right? Matt from Atlanta, Coke from Atlanta and 'ice' goes good with Coke.Joe Flacco - KKD. When this guy is hot, he's hot and ready. But too much of Flacco can be a bad thing and leave the rest of the Ravens unnoticed and underperforming.Tyrod Taylor - SHOP. Fundamentally very intriguing. New on the scene, but makes sense logistically. Only time will tell if Tyrod or SHOP will deliver long-term gains.Cam Newton - NFLX. Like NFLX, Cam's performance can be substantially different from one game to the next. Pretty much everyone knows his story, but admits their doubts. Performance speaks for itself.Jay Cutler - BBRY. Between injuries and constant let downs, only the most avid fans are still bullish.Andy Dalton - RRGB. Really, Jerremy? Andy Dalton, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers? Yep. I'm a clever lad.Josh McCown - ARIA. From month to month or year to year, no one is really sure if it will be 50% up or 50% down. Or if Jonny Football will have to take over.Tony Romo (I went with him over Brandon Weeden for pretty obvious reasons.) If Matt is KO then Tony will be FDX. Granted, right now he's got a broken collarbone, poor guy. Regardless, FDX delivers - so does Tony Romo. However, sometimes when it matters most, Tony has a hard time finding the address to deliver the winning package.Peyton Manning - PG. When I think of retirement, stability and reliability over the long haul, I think PG in stocks and Peyton in quarterbacks.Matthew Stafford - VZ. You want so much out of this stock and QB. Yes, it pays dividends, but just something about both VZ and Matt make you want just a little more.Aaron Rodgers - AMZN. Was doubted initially and then keeps surprising people with more and more innovative ways to keep winning, delivering and surpassing expectations.Ryan Mallett - HOG. Just a hard grinding, good 'ol American boy who keeps his nose to the grindstone, but sometimes for too long.Andrew Luck - JOY. This guy is always happy and just loves the game of football. Attitude matches the name of the stock choice? Makes sense to me.Blake Bortles - BTU. Taking the reigns over after a few landslide years. The question mark of the league. Playing for a team that has a lot of challenges and hurdles to overcome. Many of them.Alex Smith - HRB. H&R block is a company based out of Kansas City. A QB you use and need in times of distress and joy.Ryan Tannehill - LOCO. Both a company and QB with a lot to prove. Ryan has crazy good skills, but is also a little loco.Teddy Bridgewater - STZ. Constellation Brands is in charge of beer manufacturing. Water is needed to make beer. STZ has ben on an absolute run, but are expectations too high for it to keep running?Tom Brady - AAPL. Solid in every aspect. Performance, growth, returns, wealth, status, dominance.Drew Brees - BAC. Because he can throw anywhere. Short passes, the long ball, the Hail Mary, he has it all. Well-known, reliable reputation, but still underpriced.Eli Manning - JNJ. If his brother is PG, Eli has to be JNJ. Just makes sense to me.Ryan Fitzpatrick - APOL. Ryan went to Harvard. APOL is a company that sells education, teaches people and helps them procure degrees and experience. I see a comparison.Derek Carr - GDDY. Who knows what GDDY will actually do in the future. As brazen and interesting as they both are, there is risk.Sam Bradford - CAT. Because his career has moved like one. However, if you went to the same science class as I did, you'll know the ending of the caterpillar cycle. Will this happen for Sam? Only time will tell.Ben Roethlisberger - UA. Big, bold, innovative, fast and slow at the same time. Powerful, cunning, with an interesting and appealing increase in value over the years.Philip Rivers - LLY. This stock is back up to its old prices of former glory years ago. Will it stay there? Will it continue higher? Or will LLY and Philip roll back over?Colin Kapernick - GPRO. It's had its flash in the pan. Now true talent is older, innovation has subsided and the future is a mystery.Russell Wilson - NKE. Because this guy can run!Nick Foles - BUD. Two beer companies make this list. And Nick is the second. A giant, wide range of talents and products. Is it too big to fail, or will it fail because it's too big?Marcus Mariota - HA. (In case you're unfamiliar, this is Hawaiian Holdings, or Hawaiian Airlines.) Marcus is a Hawaiian Legend. This choice was easy for me.Kirk Cousins - FB. Kirk is a super sociable guy both on and off the field, but is his smile and charm impressive enough for future growth in a difficult team and sector?Jameis Winston - FIT. Jameis is new to the scene from FSU, but has a volatile past and potentially future. Big upside, possible big downside. Hopefully for Bucs' fans, he will be a good fit. 

This NFL season has already proved to be an exceptional one. There's a chance you like sports and stocks. Perhaps you are brand new to the trading game and would like to tackle your financial situation, click here to discover 4 classes which will revolutionize your perspective on the markets. To learn How to Retire on 3K, click that link. Until next time, remember, 

Love life, live life, and trade it! 

Jerremy Alexander Newsome