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Make Money From Disney +

The internet is collectively losing their minds over the Disney + Launch. The memes are flowing, troves of people are posting their watchlist, and I don't think I've seen a non-Disney post on my timeline or Instagram in a while. Yesterday Disney announced that a whopping 10 million people have signed up for Disney + since the launch on Nov 12. Ten million people. Ten million people took out their wallet and swiped their credit card to pay for Disney's new streaming service. But did you know what I do not see circulating out there on the internet? Someone talking about how a MONUMENTAL opportunity like this, can be and should be paying you, instead of the usual, average status quo of YOU paying for the service.

There's no denying it. Disney is a giant. It's everywhere, and it makes a lot of money because of that. I am that person. I go to Disney once a year with my dad on a father/daughter trip (my dad on the other hand goes multiple times a month). I get it. But this article isn't about how amazing Disney movies or parks are. This article is about changing the way you think so when things like this happen, you can make Disney pay you to stream. Think like an owner, not a consumer.

Our society has programmed us to be consumers. To hand our money over and consume entertainment, toys, food, phones whatever it is that makes you tick. But let's take a step back for a second and think like an investor. Here's a crazy fact, the average amount of currency traded in the stock market DAILY is in the trillions. That means trillions of dollars with a "t" are filtered through every single day. Moves happen all the time, much of the time from companies you know and love well... companies like Disney? Sound familiar?! Making money in the stock market doesn't have to just be for the hedge funds and banks and millionaires. You can get in on moves like this too, and it's not difficult to do. You just have to train your brain to see the opportunity. ;) So let's think like an investor for a second.

In August of 2017, Disney announced it was going to be pulling it's titles slowly from other streaming services preceding the creation and launch of it's own streaming service direct to it's customers. Disney, a massive household name, which has multiple theme parks in multiple countries, would be creating it's own streaming service. You're talking Disney, also owner of Marvel, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, National Geographic, ESPN, 21st Century Fox, and more would now be in control of all of it's content.

We also knew this product was going to be on a reoccurring subscription basis, meaning Disney would now have new monthly revenue coming in, in addition to it's other crazy revenue streams. Guaranteed monthly revenue is always a good thing. (Think $6.99 a month x 10 million people = $69 million/mo). And that's just day one launch numbers. Oh and did I mention that Disney beat out their goal of 8 million subscribers by the end of 2019 on DAY ONE of it's launch. Yeah, they went there!!!

So why does this matter? Because when you know that big launches like this are coming. If you and the whole world are excited about the launch of a product, that is the perfect time to start looking on how you can make money from it!

Let's look at a chart! If you look at August of 2017 you see a dip to hit the trendline and then an upward trend ever since the announcement! How cool is that?? You could have even bought a year later and STILL had positive returns, all in anticipation for the new Disney +.

So let's take a look at the actual launch date and day after Launch! Disney's stock didn't really do too much on the actual launch date. It was up but only by a little. (Good time to buy!) But let's say that you bought either Nov 12, or the few days before the actual launch? Take a look at today's move, November 13. You would be up $10 in only a day or two, for one share! Now think if you had bought 7 shares, that's $70! And that's only in a day!

With all that being said, the companies you use every single day are being traded and you don't have to be a millionaire to take advantage of the moves. You just have to have the foresight and the mindset to step out and actually click the buttons to take the trade. It's not hard!

Disney still has some moves to go. This is a chart from "the Elvis of Stock Trading" Sir Issac Newsome himself:

Are you a mom or dad that watches Disney with their kids daily? Are you a grown adult that goes to Disney every year? (Yes, I am looking at myself), Then consider buying into the company that you use, and have them pay you for using their products! Because that's our mission here at Real Life Trading. To Enrich the lives of 1% of the worlds population, showing them all how to use the stock market for the betterment of their lives!

So I hope next time an awesome announcement happens like this, we are ALL in!

Until next time,

Ashley Allen

PS. If you are new to trading I highly recommend RobinHood. Even if you are just getting a few shares! Commissions are free on simple trades and you can do it from your phone. Also, click here to get a free stock when you sign up. :)

Oh and about those memes. :P

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