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Is it possible to make some profit stress-free day-trading as a beginner starting with under $1k?

YES, assuming you have magic powers, otherwise NO!

  1. You will need at least $25k USD for the PTD (pattern day trade) requirement of the SEC.

  2. $1k will be eaten up with data fees & commissions. Seriously, $1k, where is your real trading money?

  3. There is no profit without taking a risk.

  4. Taking a financial risk seems to stress you out (?).

Imagine ONLY making a living if you intentionally put yourself in a place to take a financial risk. Welcome to our world (my world)! Overall, traders don’t make any money UNLESS they are taking a risk. The real question is which “trades/setups” are worth taking the financial risk.

Only you can answer that question for yourself.

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