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Is it easy to start and run a business on your own?

90% failure rate bro! I will list some of the tasks from easiest to hardest:

  • Paperwork to start a business

  • Creating a logo

  • Building website

  • Finding startup capital

  • Hiring staff

  • Negotiating office space

  • Building a MVP prototype of your product/service.

  • Making payroll every 2 weeks

  • Building out your products / services

  • Finding new clients

  • Competing against folks just as good as you (if not better)

  • Keeping clients happy

  • Fighting off patent trolls

  • Hiring GOOD staff

  • Keeping staff inspired & motivated

  • Remaining profitable while keeping all the above in line.

The only thing more difficult is trading stocks which has a 95% failure rate. To answer your question, starting & running a business is 10x more difficult than you can possibly imagine, but 10x more rewarding when things go well.

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