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Interview with Real Life Trader Justin Jeffery from December 21st, 2017

Interview with Real Life Trader Justin Jeffery December 21st, 2017

Jerremy Alexander Newsome has made it a goal to interview Real Life Traders from around the world and discuss their systems, strategies, thoughts, goals, approaches and mindsets as it relates to the markets.

Each week a new volunteer steps up to share story, in order to help Enrich Lives!

These recordings are available to any trader in the morning or afternoon swing trading rooms. However, as a gift from US to YOU, enjoy this snippet of awesomeness!

This particular week, on December 21st, 2017 we had a special guest who completed a sensational, hard earned AND PROFITABLE 2017! Listen in, enjoy and THANK you for helping us Enrich Lives!

PS. Justin posted this as a follow up. Note, the spelling is supposed to (and really quite accurately) articulates the Boston accent. ;-)

To summarize my SWING trading plan from the interview: 1. I use a scannah in Think or Swim (TOS) that looks for stock that are in an uptrend, 2. They must be above their 50 day and 200 day moving average (50MA & 200MA). 3. They must have an average daily volume over 500K shares traded 4. Price above $5/share... 5. ADX greater than 30 and ATR greater than 35...Adx is just showing the strength of the trend (it should be a bullish trend) ADX runs on a scale from 0-100 with 0 being very weak trend and above 25 being a strong trend 100 would be a wicked strong bitcoin trend! and ATR - average true range - shows how volatile the stock is and looks for moves ovah 35 cents a day on average. 6. Then I take the stocks identified and look for ones bouncing off the 50 or have broken through the 50 and wait for them to close above the 50 as a buy signal....example for 12/21/2017 look at stock symbol AWK is pulling back towards the 50....its in a confirmed uptrend, once it interacts with the 50 i will buy above the first candle that closes above the 50....other potentials...bzun, cci, to see one that already triggahed...CMI & IAC & LEA and GRMN is about to triggah! NVDA is setting up nicely too! thanks to everyone in the room for all of your support!!! @jerremynewsome @mattdelong90 @thomasw @oldfordtrucks and many more!

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