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[Interview] HOW TO TRADE IT, Jerremy + Casey

Jerremy Newsome has a unique full-circle trading strategy that involves selling covered calls—and also selling puts on stocks that he’d want to buy. In this episode of How To Trade It, Jerremy shares how he became interested in trading, takes a deep-dive into selling covered calls, and talks about his other trading strategies. Don’t miss this one!

After watching Forrest Gump, Jerremy invested in his first stock at the young age of six. He spent the summer selling blackberries door-to-door so he could purchase $1,500 worth of shares in Apple. Four years later he made $12,000 on that purchase—and he’s been hooked ever since. Now Jerremy runs Real Life Trading to share his passion for trading with others.

Listen to full interview by clicking the image below:

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