• Jerremy Alexander Newsome

If Quarterbacks were stocks 2018

Hi there American Football Fans! What’s good in your neck of the world?

For the third time, I wanted to have some fun while enjoying the brand new NFL season along with reviewing, covering and analyzing some stock investing opportunities. 

Here was my first article on this interesting topic. 

And last year, I did a video on this subject. 

Since I’m really not a professional sports aficionado, I decided to keep it short and sweet this year with another easy to read article. My goal for this article is to give you some real life comparisons that will both enrich your life, make you smile & help you get an idea of which stocks I like until the Super Bowl is over and what I think they will do. Read between the lines, there will be a lot of goodies in this write up. 

Also, very much like the stock market, things on this list are subject to change. Especially if a quarterback unfortunately gets injured and or traded to another team. Hey, everything changes often, right? HAHA. 

Below is my list, in no particular order. 

Philip Rivers with the Los Angeles Chargers: Philip Rivers has had a long career in the NFL. He’s certainly consistent, just not in the right categories. That’s why he would be Halliburton HAL. Growth has occurred, but over the long run if you had this stock…I’m sorry… Ben Roethlisberger with the Pittsburg Steelers: Let’s talk highs and lows. Ben would be US Steel X. As an investor or fan you have certainly had some wins, but will you get 4 TD or 4 Interceptions with Ben and will X be up 4% or down 4%? Who knows. Deshaun Watson with the Houston Texans: Deshaun has massive potential. He’s young in the NFL and like ROKU both fans and investors are trying to figure out how long this last. My vote, bullish on both. Cam Newton with the Carolina Panthers: Ready for some controversy? In 2015, Newton became the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for at least 30 touchdowns and rush for 10 in the same season (35 passing, 10 rushing).[7] He also became the only quarterback ever to have 300 yards passing, 5 touchdown passes, and over 100 yards rushing in the same game. Which means, like Bitcoin, Newton was on absolute fire. Everyone was a genius investor in November 2017 with Bitcoin and now, investors are simply waiting to see if it every returns back to all time highs and former glory. Carson Wentz with the Philadelphia Eagles: At a mere 26 years old, this young QB is here to stay. As long as he is healthy, he will be a force to reckon with. And yet he will have tons of haters and loads of ‘over valuation’ arguments. Very much like SPOT.  I can assure you, this stock will continue to surpass many traders and investors of the long haul.Drew Brees with the New Orleans Saints: Drew is reliable, safe, but still maintains a certain volatile which is attractive. Kind of like Goldman Sachs GS. Since 2012 GS is up over 150% and even though pull back  is likely, it would be buyable. Matthew Stafford with the Detroit Lions: One word, washed up. A hugely promising future that turned into watching paint dry. Kind of like Silver SLV.  Don’t believe the hype. There’s nothing exciting about this short term and any long term upside could take years.Kirk Cousins with the Minnesota Vikings: Kirk has cool composure, but gets scared out of the pocket easily. He has to be IQIYI IQ. Kirk is brand new with the Vikings, but he does have a track record in the NFL. It is volatile without question and the future is a big question market. Could he ever win a  super bowl? Well, if Jeff Hostetler can win a superbowl, Kirk could as well. And IQ certainly has the ability to FLY! Andrew Luck with the Indianapolis Colts: The biggest question is, how long will Andrew Luck remain healthy? That’s why he is my Under Armour UAA.  Both UAA and Andrew had huge potential, but so far it’s been slightly squandered. And now both are in a buy low and hope for a run higher type of situation. Let’s see what happens from here. Jimmy Garoppolo with the San Francisco 49ers: A team which could potentially go winless this year with the young and inexperienced Dropbox DBX of quarterbacks. Competition is going to be massively tough all the while investors are really trying to figure out it’s competitive advantage. Marcus Mariota with the Tennessee Titans: My ‘home team’ since I presently live in Nashville, TN. The stadium sells out often, but that doesn’t bring the W. I personally feel Marcus is an incredible human with insane potential. But how long will the Titans be in a building year? They have come so close, so often, kind of like American Airlines AAL. Us Real Life Traders can crush some fast traders on AAL, but long term it’s been doing absolutely nothing regarding actual growth and progress. Alex Smith with the Washington Redskins: With tons of weapons at his disposal, this team could be a surprising winner this year. Kind of like Red Hat RHT. I’m expecting the previous gap to fill while this powerful bullish trend continues higher. Patrick Mahomes with the Kansas City Chiefs: In his first game of the 2018 year, this guy crushing TD’s in a surprising fashion. Kind of like Dave & Busters PLAY , which has been a semi surprising winner on the markets since 2015. I’m excited about watching both of these continue in their current trajectory. Ryan Fitzpatrick with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: After a massively explosive and impressive game one 1 vs the Saints, I do not see Ryan losing his spot as the starter for The Bucs. If Ryan was a stock he would be WIX.  This stock and company started really slow, but right now is on a rip raring bullish trend, which I do not expect to stop anytime soon. I think both have a very sustainable future. Matt Ryan with the Atlanta Falcons: An incredible QB with a fast paced team that has come inches away from winning it all, but fell short. Matt has massive tenure but recently has been showing some slow down. Similar to Celgene CELG. This stock just crushed from 2012 - 2017. Since then, CELG has pulled back nicely and it’s either going to bounce here or continue a tad lower. Let’s find out. Jared Goff with the Los Angeles Rams: Let’s talk major up and downs. Jared would be Sarepta Therapeutics SRPT. Because he has massive upside, but if he doesn’t perform in 1-2 years, we will never be hearing from him again in the NFL. Like SRPT, it could either go to zero in the next 1-2 years or go up 160%. It has already doubled in the last year. Dak Prescott with the Dallas Cowboys: Like YELP Dax has seen some big runs ups but also so large pull backs. Both have regressed and are disappointing fans. BUT, it’s been in a holding pattern which could break even higher or even lower and I could believe either from here. Blake Bortles with the Jacksonville Jaguars: All I can say with Blake is, he certainly is trying. The defense of this team is what took them to the playoffs. His stock comparison would be TWTR. It’s been struggling recently but last year it had a nice run up. The big questions is, will it hold and see higher highs or return back to it’s previous lows? Derek Carr with the Oakland Raiders: One of the highest paid QB in the game, Derek has tons of upside and downside. Volatility will be there, but his offensive caliber is strong. Which seems like Micron Technology MU this year. MU P/E ratio is 4.14 right now, which is SUPER cheap. It’s EPS is less than 10 and it’s a super fun stock to trade. Unfortunately MU doesn’t pay dividends, but many investors will be looking for the dip buy on this stock and QB. Mitchell Trubisky with the Chicago Bears: After losing in week 1 when at half time they had their biggest lead over the Greenbay Packers since 1948, the defense is the only thing that will help this team. Which is why Mitchell will be Applied Materials AMAT.  Right now it looks to be in freewill mode, but it’s a good company right? It’s should be around for a while, correct? Time will tell, but I think AMAT is nice buy at $34 and I’m sure Mitchell will have at least 3-4 wins this year. Eli Manning with the New York Giants: Eli doesn’t have much longer in the NFL. He surprisingly has 2 super bowl rings, taken from the Patriots both times. So, he has seen winning, but not recently. That’s why I think Eli is General Electric GE. GE was taken off the Dow Jones a few months ago and at this point it seems GE is surprisingly headed into single digits. Their chart looks likes death and after a long run with some good results, the streak has likely come to a halt. Andy Dalton with the Cincinnati Bengals: An easy pick for me. Andy reminds me of Harley-Davidson HOG. If he was a stock he would show up, be there and produce results that are barely above mediocre. He’s a staple in the NFL now, but I don’t ever see him as a Super Bowl winning QB. Case Keenum with the Denver Broncos: Case, has already played with multiple teams producing subpar results. That’s why Mr. Case would be like Lumber Liquidators LL. Case had an amazing college career, similar to LL massive 2012-2014 run up, but since then has done it’s best stone in water impression. Sure, it could bounce from here. The two words would be IF and WHEN?Ryan Tannehill with the Miami Dolphins: He would have to be Exxon Mobil XOM. He’s there, he shows up, he pays dividends, sometimes Miami wins games, but do you really want to own the stock since it’s been flat for the last 12 years? Tyrod Taylor with the Cleveland Browns: Unfortunately, in game one The Browns played the way only the Browns can. Coming back against a far superior team to only tie them in the last seconds of overtime with a blocked field goal AT home. While it seems like a mathematical probability to win a game this year, this team hasn’t won a game since the Obama Administration. Will this year be any better? Not much. And Tyrod will be like Snap Chat SNAP. Unfortunately running Quarterbacks rarely fare well in the NFL and when SNAP hit the markets at a valuation of over 18 billion, I was 100% confident it would hit single digits within a year. And from here, it likely will only go lower. Sam Bradford with the Arizona Cardinals: Yawn. Poor Sam. He is the Fitbit FIT of the NFL. Results? None. Buyable…only if you like giving lottery tickets as gifts for Christmas. Joe Flacco with the Baltimore Ravens: I think Joe has 2-3 years left before retirement. A previous Super Bowl winner and highly underrated quarterback, he just no longer has the same zing as he used to. That’s why he is like IBM.  It pays dividends, it has been in the lime light, Joe will win 6+ games every year and might make the playoffs, but it’s future isn’t super sexy or exciting. Josh Allen with the Buffalo Bills: Who is Josh Allen you ask? No one knows really. HAHA. That’s why he is SOGO. Many people haven’t heard of it, yet it is fundamentally exciting both long term and short term. This Chinese tech play is packed with volatility and exciting moves for traders, but it could also easily be a flash in the pan. Nick Foles with the Philadelphia Eagles: Who is going to play this year? Nick FOles or Carson Wentz? The Eagles holds a truly rare position. They have 2 QB’s that no one expects to be great, but their results speak for themselves. I’ll have to compare Nick with Twilio TWLO. This stock went from zero to hero real fast. TWLO has literally skyrocketed from $25 to $83 in the last year. People adequately expect a pull back and a retracement, but will that dip be buyable? In the long term, most likely. Aaron Rodgers with the GreenBay Packers: I got the privilege of watching Aaron Rodgers play the Chicago Bears in week 1 at home where Aaron comes back from a knee injury to lead his team to the greatest comeback in Aaron’s career. Pulling off a 20 point comeback in less than 2 quarters. Incredible! That’s why he has to be Home Depot HD. Have you seen this stock?! Going from $40 in 2012 to over $200 now? Uhh, yeah, a powerful blue chip that many investors forget about, but has posted numerous memorable performances. Russell Wilson with the Seattle Seahawks: A QB that many people doubted, but the results speak for themselves. Russell is an incredible person, athlete and high caliber player. But one that still shocks sports fans. Similar to how ETSY shocks investors. For 2 years I  have thought this stock had a decent niche that separates itself just enough from AMZN that it would continue higher. So far, that looks to be the case. With Christmas around the corner, I’m expecting ETSY to continue climbing the profits ladder. Tom Brady with the New England Patriots: Did I save the best for last. Yep. I did. Again. For the 3rd time. Tom is like AAPL. An unquestionable behemoth. We know it actually can’t last “forever” (said in a Sandlot Style), but this trend is your friend. AAPL is the most profitable company of all time (at least presently). And from here, will continue higher in remarkable fashion. 

My Super Bowl pick? The Patriots. Tom will win this year and then retire.

I hope you found this enriching. I see so many comparisons with the stock market and everyday life. Investing is ALL around us and it’s been my honor to bring you this. THANK YOU!!

~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome

CEO of Real Life Trading and terrible football player