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I have a product idea, how do I produce it with no capital?

This is WHY entrepreneurs generate wealth, they are able to solve what seems like unsolvable problems. Do you need capital to start? How much? Can you bootstrap with minimal out of pocket? Does it have to be your money? Can you get early customers to pre-pay for your product or service?

For me, when I started my first few companies, I used the most well-known financier of small businesses, MASTERCARD and VISA. Was that a big risk? Absolutely, but I felt I only need a few paying customers early on to pay it off and YES, it WORKED AMAZING.

It worked so well, I paid off $10k on my credit cards within 6 weeks of launching AND ended up selling the company for millions of dollars many years later.

Do I recommend everyone do this? It's your risk to take, it's you paying back high interest credit cards if it doesn’t work. There are a number of tough questions you and only you can answer about your chances of success and whether you can stomach the risk. It’s not easy, 90 out of 100 fail in 3 years and another 5 fail in year 3–6 years.

How knowledgable are you about your idea? How much time have you spent researching the need and how well your product will fit that need? What pricing seems to work best? Do you have early customers tied into the design of your product? These are all questions only you can answer for yourself. Best of luck.

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