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I Hate the Term Confirmation

I Hate the Term Confirmation

I am hoping this video is helpful for my traders who simply take 'too long' to get into a trade.

The traders who need everything to be perfect, the traders who need 14,504 items to confirm what they were thinking, only to miss the trade.

This video is created for the traders who 'wait for confirmation' when placing a trade, when the trend is obvious! Trading will never be comfortable. "The market is designed to fool most people, most of the time." ~ Jesse Livermore

Remember, trade without fear! Be confident! Control your risk, lose small and never let the market control you. Always be in control of yourself and your trades rather than letting the markets drag you around in their movements.

Simply create a plan. A REALLY easy one. A plan that focuses on buying low and selling high. A plan that focuses on getting into a trade when it seems and looks uncomfortable, but it's the trade  you planned nicely in advance. 

The profitable trading game is mostly mental! The trade aspect itself, is easy. Buy something cheap and sell it higher. The mental aspect of ANYTHING, of any type of success is the hardest part to overcome and achieve.

Keep being amazing traders! You rock!

~ Jerremy Alexander Newsome CEO of Real Life Trading

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